Enhanced Program Notes

What are Enhanced Program Notes?

Although my shows are performed live, they have a high audio content so if you are blind or have low vision you might find they have good accessibility. However, there will still be some contextual details--for example, my costume or certain movements--that you might miss. These notes are intended to provide further context and give you the richest experience possible.

I am learning to create these notes, because I'm an independent artist with a tiny budget, so I can't generally afford to have audio descriptions for individual shows. In addition to that, even for shows with bigger budgets, audio descriptions are generally only available for certain sessions. While the notes can't truly replace audio description, I feel they are an important part of my shows.

I include these as written text on this website and also as audio files on my soundcloud page.

The first Enhanced Program Notes I created were for I Made an Adult, and I worked with Maria Oshodi at Extant.

For those shows where I have not yet developed enhanced notes, I have included the text from the printed programs. They will be updated as soon as the enhanced notes are completed.

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