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My all-new monologue, it's the sixth--and final--in the series. I'm trying something new: finishing a new dress at each performance. And not just any dress, the dress I'll wear to my funeral. (Don't worry, there's nothing wrong, I'm just being prepared--if I leave it to my family they might send me off to the afterlife in something that doesn't have pockets). A story about the way we piece our lives together bit by bit, told with the mix of laughs and poignancy you've come to expect. Tickets are available at the Adelaide Fringe website here.

Pearls (Unstitched)

In August 2023, I held my first solo visual arts exhibition, stitching the story of Pearls onto the last thing my mother sewed for me--my wedding dress. In February 2024, I'll be showing it again, this time in Mrs Harris' Shop as part of the Adelaide Fringe. This will be accompanied by a very limited run of my show, Pearls. Details about Pearls (Unstitched) are on the Adelaide Fringe website here.

Tickets to Pearls are available on the Adelaide Fringe website here.


A little bit of my thinking about
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