Hi, I’m Tracy Crisp

I have always loved stories, real or imagined. Stories are at the heart of everything I do.

I've spent my life starting a lot of things and now I'm starting to finish a few.

I live by the beach on Kaurna Land. I moved here from Port Pirie on Nukunu country when I came to university. I also have a small olive grove in the Clare Valley on Njadjuri Country.

For many years I was fuelled by a great desire to travel around the world. Like many of Adelaide's Gen Xers, I left Adelaide in the 1990s when my partner and I got on a plane the day after we got married. After hauling our over-filled backpacks from here to Berlin via the Trans-Siberian railway, we flew back to the southern hemisphere landing in Aotearoa (New Zealand) where we lived for five years. We took another backpacking trip before returning to Kaurna Yerta/Adelaide where our children were born. Then, in 2009, we all moved to Abu Dhabi. I moved back to Kaurna Yerta/Adelaide in 2016.

I'm someone who is easily distracted by the next shiny thing. I've had a gazillion jobs, and I've got a gazillion degrees and postgraduate diplomas, but for years (decades), I never quite settled into anything.

But in the last few years something has changed. It started when I began writing monologues and established a funeral business. It's felt like I've found my thing.

These days I'm trying to pay as much attention to finishing things as I am to starting them. I'm especially focused on finishing the unfinished creative projects in my life.

This might sound contradictory to my claims of focus, but I'm also experimenting with new creative practices and in particular I'm learning to draw. I hope that this will help me push my textiles work and help me to find new ways of telling stories. But words are my first love, so even the textiles always come back to text.

I'm also a funeral celebrant, but I'm doing less celebrancy work at the moment while I focus on getting creative projects finished.

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