Where to From Here?

It's a gen-x lament, a journey through time, and a middle-aged coming of age

She's on the trip of a lifetime: middle-aged, menopausal and forgotten to buy her onward ticket. Sitting in the station cafeteria drinking over-brewed tea and eating stale croissants, a stranger asks: 'Do I know you?' This simple question will change the course of her life forever.

I Made An Adult

A bittersweet story of beaten eggs, spilt milk and the sifted years of childhood

Midnight in the kitchen. With her youngest child about to turn 18, a mother faces her greatest challenge yet: one final chance to make a Women's Weekly birthday cake look like the picture. But as she turns the cookbook's pages and her memories are stirred, she uncovers a truth she knows she can't hide from her child.

"very moving ... very funny ... a wonderful piece of theatre" Stage Whispers


A mother's wisdom lost then found

In the search of a string of pearls, a daughter travels to her abandoned childhood home and a mother travels from Port Pirie to Paris without ever leaving Australia. Family relics abound: ashtrays, a Princess Diana jigsaw, a commode used as a coffee table. Memories are ignited then questioned. And still the pearls cannot be found. Family fractures deepen until finally a heartbreaking, but healing truth is revealed. Combining theatre and storytelling, this is a story that will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again.

"This is live storytelling at its best" InDaily