What would you wear to your own funeral?

In my sixth solo show, I’m trying something new: finishing a new dress at each performance. And not just any dress, the dress I'll wear to my funeral. (Don’t worry, there's nothing's wrong, I'm just being prepared--if I leave it to my family they might send me off to the afterlife in something that doesn’t have pockets). A story about the way we piece our lives together bit by bit, told with the mix of laughs and poignancy you've come to expect.

The text of the Enhanced Program Notes for Stitches is available here.

The audio files of the program given to audience members when they arrive and of the enhanced program notes are available here on soundcloud.

Acknowledgments and credits

Written and performed by Tracy Crisp

Directed by Tracy Crisp and Maggie McGinty

Love and support by Adrian Jones

I am grateful for a grant from Arts SA through the Arts Unlimited fund of the Adelaide Fringe. I love putting a new show together, but because I'm writer, performer and producer it can be pretty full on. I'm grateful for the feeling of stability and the confidence boost the grant provides.

Performance history

Stitches will debut at Studio 166, Goodwood Theatre & Studios, Kaurna Yerta, Adelaide Fringe 2024