Adelaide Fringe 2024: Recommendations #2

Every year during Adelaide Fringe, I try to put together a list of shows that I'm looking forward to or that I think people who like my shows will like. Mostly I try to focus on the smaller, quieter shows outside the big hubs. One truth about the Adelaide Fringe is that it can be very hard for small shows to cut through the noise. But people do find us!

My newsletter Sunday Night In focuses on theatre and literary happenings in and around Adelaide and South Australia. It's a way of highlighting local writers and performers. So this year, my recommendations are focused primarily on local artists and companies. And the main focus is theatre and performance and writing because that's what I know about. During the Adelaide Fringe, I'm sending out Sunday Night In every week, so if you want it delivered straight to your inbox follow the link and subscribe. Otherwise, check back here each week and I'll be listing them here too.

Herewith: Tracy Crisp's Adelaide Fringe 2024 Recommendations #1

A Recap
In the last post, I talked about Trail’s End, Fool’s Paradise, The Tumour Show, Fandango, Daughters of Eve, Distopia, Menopause the Masterclass, Demagogue, Extra Curricular, Fashionably Late, Gabbin in the Woods, Tori Crisp Flying Solo and Fuja: The greatest horn sections of all time. You can read more about them in the last edition which is here.

Since then, I’ve uncovered a bunch more local artists and companies in this year’s Adelaide Fringe program. Thank you also for the recommendations you’ve sent in.

If you’re interested in my Pearls (Unstitched) show, then you’ll definitely be interested in If Fabrics Could Speak which is an audio-described exhibition of artworks by Catherine Fitz-Gerald, which shares the memories of 30 diverse voices through digital story-telling and still-life images. It sounds fascinating in both subject and artistic execution.

I don’t know how I overlooked this the first time, but Two of Them is absolutely on my list. With well-known artist Christopher Orchard performing, it’s a piece written and directed by Russell Fewster using text, clowning, movement and animation of Christopher’s own paintings.

Here’s two shows I won’t be missing. I am a long-time fan of Nicole Pluss. She’s an extremely interesting writer, with novels that are thoughtful and thought-provoking as well as a growing body of plays. I have just discovered through a friend that she has written two of the shows in this year’s fringe and they book look excellent. Masssage Therapy and Daddy Algorithm—I know a couple of people who saw a reading of this at SA Playwrights staged reading and said it sounded excellent.

Massage Therapy is showing at the Tea Room at Curiositeas (this is entirely unrelated, but I’m a big fan of lovely little venues run by people who are taking a chance and giving our city texture). Also in this venue Tales in a Teacup which is presented by the tea room owner, Shannaka weaving ‘flavours and narratives into a harmonious experience that lingers long after the last sip.’ Another on my don’t-miss list.

Also at SA Playwrights staged readings I saw the uber-talented Katherine Sortini’s Dirty Energy. Set in the world of hospitality, it was a pacy, funny script and instantly recognisable if you’ve ever worked in hospo (or had children who worked in hospo). Katherine is also producing the work of some other regulars at SA Playwrights staged readings, Cranking Hog productions, Have Sex with me Please.

I’m increasingly drawn to clowning work (maybe it was my brilliant experience in the pageant last year?), and I like the look of Andrew Crupi’s A Solo Commedia dell-Arte Show. In music, I love everything that Michelle Pearson does (Just Desserts was amazing), and this year her new show is Mixtape Australia; and Emma Knights is an absolute stalwart of the fringe with an incredible range of shows including the much-love Sconefest and Pirates of Penzance, and others staged in the Botanic Gardens and bookshops, she’s got a bit of everything.

And if you’ve got littles in your life, then the ever-effervescent Monski Mouse is unmissable. Choose from the baby cabaret or the baby disco in the beautiful Spiegeltent or do both.

I’ll be back next week highlighting more of our local artists and companies in this year’s Adelaide Fringe. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations.