Gosh. I had no idea that I would be so annoyed when I got back an assignment and someone had written on it not only, ‘One sentence does not make a paragraph’ but also, ‘avoid wordiness.’ Avoid wordiness? Moi? Clearly, I am going to have to learn to deal with this, as it is the marker’s job to write things which they consider will be useful to me. But really, ‘avoid wordiness’? Can you believe it?

Anyway, all is good for the first assignment and I am now waiting on the second.

I need to start studying for the exams. This is freaking me out. Exams were never my strong point, but one thing in my favour was an exceedingly excellent memory. Unfortunately, time and circumstance have dulled the excellence of my memory to something only slightly better than the mister’s.

But I will not get myself into a dizzy spin about that now. I’m up early to pay some attention to my novel and I’d best be off doing that.

Avoid wordiness. Goodness gracious me.