I could not get a rescheduled appointment with the oven man – who, you might remember, did not turn up the other day – until today, when, they promised he would be here first thing. Nine o’clock.

Ten thirty and not a sign.

Can I just say, the people installing the sky light totally rock.

Looks like there will be no muffins again this week. Though when we are in the kitchen, we will be able to see.

UPDATE: the oven man has arrived. And on the day that I am getting a hole cut in my ceiling and my roof, the heavens have opened up. Which I’m not complaining about. I’m just saying it’s kind of bad luck for that patch of carpet.

FURTHER UPDATE: the oven man has finished. $202.73c!!! And not even knocking off the 73 cents for goodwill in light of inconvenience caused and so on and so forth. The peace lily has bounced back a treat after that short period of neglect. The rain has stopped. You aren’t at all interested in this, are you? No. I’ll be off.