This is of interest to only about three people reading this blog, but here be some photos of the Centennial Hall at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds being demolished. The mister, who knows about such things, tells me that the building has concrete cancer. I noticed the bulldozers there a few days before I went away, but I forgot to go and get the photos before they knocked it down. So, while I am disappointed that I didn’t get the photos before it was completely knocked down, I am so glad that I managed to get even these.


The Show (and it’s just around the corner, folks) will not be the same without this building. It was a small, quiet haven for that time, say around three o’clock, when the mad mouse and the toffee apples got too much. Here is where they had the flower arrangements, the avocado and the apples for your yellow brick road showbag. And the apple juice. I have two glasses of apple juice each year, and of them comes – came – from here. There were too, a couple of those things you will only see at the show. Is this where they had that arrangement of the train tracks you could lay in your garden (front or back)? I think so. I think that was here.


The floorboards of Centennial Hall were the gentle type of town halls everywhere. They absorbed the sound and reflected it back in a much more civilised way than the scratchy carpet squares from the hall they’re using now. And there was music of a most soothing kind. The kind where men dress in black suits and bow ties even in the middle of the day.

And what will exams be without a final panic and cigarette on these steps.


I was the one everyone asked ‘did you study this’ and if I said ‘yes’ and they had not studied that, the colour drained from their faces as they thought to themselves ‘bloody hell, if even she’s done that it will be in there for sure’. I only ever failed one exam. I’m a lazy person with a conscience.

Goodbye Centennial Hall.

PS I’ve got more photos on my flickr page which I think is here, but in my blog, as in life, there are no guarantees. The photos there are much better quality – I have no idea why they come out so poorly on my blog and I don’t know how to copy them from flickr into here. And I guess I’m too lazy to work it out.