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So I went to the show this afternoon, and met the mister, my dad, my boys and my nephew who had been there since sometime before the oven man arrived at my house.

The show goes for a week, and we usually try to avoid going on the weekends. And we’ve had a great day, we really have. We love the show.

We didn’t stay for the fireworks, because the day was not as good as the day we went last year, and by the time we left it had got quite cold. Not really the kind of weather for hanging around. And anyway, we can see the fireworks from our backyard. The ones that go really high into the air anyway. Not sure what you’d see if you bounced on the trampoline. You might have to time the bounces. If it’s not raining at 9.10 pm, I’ll go and give it a try.

I only took one photo today. Of the boys drinking the free milkshakes they got with vouchers they got from somewhere.

So this is me at last year’s show. The inner city greens voter at the woodchopping. And loving it.

And it’s a cappuccino. In case you were wondering. No one in this house drinks latte. And our wine of choice is shiraz. Except in summer when it’s sparkling something like burgundy or ale.