It’s now been exactly one week since the lads and I flew back into Abu Dhabi. One week and one hour ago, we walked back into the house and the lads insisted that we rip their uniforms out of their packets so that they (the lads) could get back to school.

It’s been a great – a fantastic – week for one of the lads, and very bloody rocky for the other. It’s not that anything has gone wrong at the new school, just that walking into it seems to have made him realise how very happy he was in school last year. He had an extraordinarily good year last year. There might be a bit of a maturity (as in maturising) thing going on – I think he’s understanding what it is to say goodbye and what it is to miss things in your life. He’s moved into the time of school where things get more serious too, moving from class to class, every forty minutes a new teacher to get used to and stark barely-finished corridors to get lost in. He’s done an amazing job though of recognising that the school experience he is now having isn’t bad, it’s just that he’s missing what he had. He’s on track now. Still a bit wobbly, but on track. And he’ll be seeing one of his ‘old’ friends over the weekened, so that will be good.

For myself? I haven’t cried once, not even last night after I’d spent an hour searching for my Abu Dhabi SIM card. You haven’t seen it, have you? It’s in a small plastic zip lock bag with the other SIM cards and I had it in my hand on Monday ready to swap it over. Then I remembered there was someone in Adelaide who might need to get in touch with me and that I’d better email them first. So I put the bag down and now, it is nowhere to be found. The mister, no doubt enjoying my current tear-less company and keen to protect it, has offered to go to Etisalat and get me a new SIM card. He thinks he can do it this afternoon. So I guess the old one should turn up an hour or so after that.