The Forgettory

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019


If we don’t remember who we were then who do we become?

Alone in a new city, her last bottle of wine nearly empty, a woman drinks but can never forget. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, her grandfather wanders the past, fighting to remember.

Told with Tracy Crisp’s trademark blend of poignancy and humour, a compassionate story about a woman’s identity, family memory, and ageing.

The Forgettory is my second Adelaide Fringe show. It is also the second part in a planned trilogy titled You Can’t Hide in the Desert. In the first show, Pearls, I told the story of my mum’s strange pearls of wisdom. In the final show, Stitches, I’ll be bringing it all together to sew an entire dress on stage in each and every show.

These shows mark a significant change in the direction of my work. When I started writing Pearls I was intending to write a conventional memoir for publication. However, the more I wrote, the more I realised I was writing a piece for performance. It was a bit scary (terrifying) deciding to put on a show. I have dabbled in stand-up, but I had never written for theatre and I hadn’t acted since I was Grandpa Joe in Port Pirie Youth Theatre’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But it’s been worth every scary (terrifying) second. Learning how to perform has given me a whole new way to see my writing. 

I’d love to see you at The Forgettory. As a member of a theatre audience you become part of the story. You give life to a work that would otherwise be nothing more than an idea written in a file, stored in a folder, floating in a cloud.

You can book through fringetix here.