On the way up to the Parc Guell, I thought, ‘How would it be to go to school in the shadow of Gaudi?’ … Image: sign on a school fence, in the background a peep of a Gaudi tower

Another meander

Still in Barcelona, we saw this on the walk back down from that Gaudi park, what’s it called, oh, yeah, Parc Guell. So, anyway, we saw this spray painted on a wall and Boy the Younger said, ‘Why would anyone want to scribble on that beautiful art?’...

Balloon in Barcelona

Eldest messing around with a balloon in our apartment in Barcelona. Not sure how he got the balloon past the front door, because I’m not a fan of the balloon. I do not welcome the balloon. Still, this one seems harmless enough.

no hay interwebs

The wifi in our apartment, always patchy, died sometime over the weekend. This has coincided with the near-death of the mister´s internet-enabled device. The internet on his device is fine, but the little swirling button that allows a person to navigate the screen can...

We arrive in Barcelona

This morning we got up at sparrow-fart (or the fart of whatever it is that lives in the Pyrenees) and drove through winding mountain roads, into roads that looked not unlike those around Berri and Loxton and Renmark and down into the Barcelona airport where we dropped...