Reasons it seemed like a good idea to begin undergraduate studies in psychology:

1. I wanted to do some work in grief/bereavement – having made such a hash of things myself, I feel like I could maybe be of use to people. I like the idea of being of use to people;

2. The last few years, I’ve been working for MSF/Doctors Without Borders in the comms department (that stands for communications which I’m sure you know). I love(d) working for them. I really like the work they’re doing in psychology and I thought that one day I’d like to go and do some field work, and obviously I’m not going to go off and train as a doctor;

3.This whole writing thing isn’t working out for me. This is not me fishing for you to say, ‘Oh, but you’re wonderful, you really must, must keep writing’. This is me making a realistic assessment of my financial dependence amongst other things. I’m not going to say I’m not going to keep writing, I’m just saying I need some income-generating means. I will write some more about this later;

4. Sure, I can work in communications, but living this odd life I am really missing activism and the actual doing of things. I was thinking that once I have this qualification the doing of things would be a bit easier.

5. Some other things, but they’re a bit boring.

Reasons doing undergraduate study is a bit challenging:
1. The courses are designed for people who are twenty years younger than me and don’t have any previous qualifications. For example, doing an assignment which is designed to teach you how to use the library when you:
a. are a qualified librarian; and
b. have been using a library for thirty years
is tedious in the extreme.

Still, I’m $7,000 into it now, so I’d best go off and start studying for my exams.