Flicking through my photos I came across this one of eldest with an after-school banquet. This is not set up, this is seriously what the kid gets himself when he comes home from school. His breakfast is similar. Apart from my grandfather I never met a person who ate so much raw food in such volumes. The stuff in the white bowl is a bowl of frozen peas, still frozen. We go through bags of the things each week.

Anyway, that isn’t what I wanted to say, what I wanted to say is this:
1. For real? I took a photo of this? I didn’t say, ‘Oh, God, you are putting your disgusting feet in their disgusting socks all over the kitchen bench, get down from there immediately.’

2. How ugly is our kitchen? I have tried many things to disguising it, most notably leaving every piece of kitchen equipment on the bench in an effort to hid said bench. But its ugliness cannot be hidden.

3. How lucky are we? Rejoicing in our child’s appetite. At the film festival, the mister saw a film about food waste. I know a lot of facts about malnutrition from my last job of course, but hearing the mister reciting the statistics has reminded me about a few things I hadn’t given enough thought to over the last little while. More food gets produced than could get eaten, but each year, millions of children die from the effects of malnutrition.

Not long before I found this photograph, I was making a donation to Oxfam’s East Africa Food Crisis Appeal and found that until the end of November, the Australian Government is matching any donations made. Possibly that isn’t the best way for a government to approach aid, but I don’t suppose the people of East Africa care too much about how the food aid gets there. (updated to add: I don’t mean to infer I think you shouldn’t make a donation there, in fact, I meant to infer the opposite – see discussion below in the comments for further clarification)

And now that I’ve spent the last half hour (re)reading about malnutrition around the world, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this photo.