New circuit class last night. I dunno, I don’t think it’s that hard. When the dude calls time, move one station to the right, next time he calls time, go into the middle, next time one station to the right, into the middle, one station to the right. And so on.

I can confidently say that in a class of maybe thirty, I was the only one who went station to station without skipping any, without choosing randomly.

I suspect, right now, somewhere in Abu Dhabi, there’s a woman thinking to herself, ‘Sheesh, does she need to be so grumpy…what does it matter if people go to the wrong station. So what if I did two rounds of lateral lifts and none of tricep dips…she needs to get a life…’

Well, no. I’m from Adelaide, when things do not proceed in an orderly fashion, my world, she falls apart. I like to live my life, station by station, waiting for the dude to call time.