Memorial Services

An introduction to my work as a funeral celebrant. I write in more detail about funerals, grief and bereavement on my funeral website.

What is a memorial service?

Memorial services are usually held some time after the death. A memorial service might be an additional service held some time after the funeral or it might be a stand-alone service.

Why hold a memorial service?

There are many reasons you might want to have a memorial. One of the most common is when a person was living interstate or overseas. You might want to hold the funeral where the person lived, then hold another service for friends and family who couldn’t be there. There are many other reasons. Many families hold a smaller, more intimate ceremony for the interment of ashes. If it was a sudden or unexpected death you might need time to think about what you want to do. In this case, you might decide to have the burial or cremation then hold a ceremony at a later time. For all these reasons and many more, you might want a memorial service. 

I help you to plan and create a service when the time is right for you.

Memorial services are sometimes held at a place of deep personal significance such as a favourite beach or camping spot. Others are held in more formal spaces. As long as you seek the right permissions a memorial service can be held almost anywhere. 

Memorial services are often simpler than traditional funerals, but as with a funeral, you are free to plan the service that reflects an individual’s life and spirit. 

You can read more about my work as a funeral celebrant on my funeral website.