Traditional funeral services

An introduction to my work as a funeral celebrant. I write in more detail about funerals, grief and bereavement on my funeral website.

Arranging a funeral: getting in touch

Your relationship with me will probably begin with a short phone call. You can contact me directly or ask a funeral director to contact me on your behalf. Funeral directors often recommend celebrants they know, but if you know a celebrant you would like to use you are always able to ask.

After our phone call, I will come and meet with you. This meeting is usually at your home. You might have a strong idea about how you would like the funeral to proceed or you might be looking to me for guidance and suggestions. I can act as a simple guide and coordinator, or I can create the entire ceremony. 

From here, I will work with you and other relevant family and friends to create and coordinate the service. Working closely with family members and friends, I can write a eulogy for you, help you to prepare one, or give you some simple advice and techniques.

On the day of the funeral

On the day of the funeral, depending on what we have planned I will either conduct the funeral service or support you as you do it with your family and friends. Throughout the day, I will work closely with the funeral director to make sure you feel fully supported.

My standard fee for a funeral or memorial service is $400.

This is an all-inclusive fee and covers our family interview where we can discuss the format and content; all follow-up interviews or clarifications conducted by phone or email; travel within the Adelaide metropolitan region; writing the ceremony; writing the eulogy if required or offering any guidance on writing the eulogy; help with selecting content such as poetry, readings, or music as required; conducting the service according to your instructions; a written and an electronic copy of the service.

For services greater than two hours or outside the Adelaide metropolitan region there may be additional costs such as travel costs, but I will always discuss these with you first.

For more information about my work as a funeral celebrant please visit my funeral website.