Perhaps you have been reading or hearing about the shift towards alternative funerals. Of course ‘alternative’ means different things to different people. For some people, alternative might mean moving the ceremony to a place of deeper personal significance like a much-loved garden or camping spot. For some, it might mean incorporating particular loves or passions such as art or performance. A funeral is a deeply personal experience, and you should feel free to develop a funeral that reflects your unique life. As an independent celebrant I can help you to create a funeral that reflects your individual requirements. My involvement can be as simple as a meeting to help you talk through the options, or I can be more deeply involved helping to create and coordinate the entire ceremony. There is also a growing interest in death care at home, and some people want to be involved at all stages including caring for a loved one’s body — I recommend talking this through with a trusted doctor or nurse and contacting a funeral director as soon as possible (even before the death if that is appropriate for you) so that you understand what will be involved for your particular situation.