Funeral Celebrant

I am an independent funeral celebrant working in Adelaide and South Australia. You can contact me directly or ask a funeral director to contact me on your behalf. Funeral directors often recommend celebrants they know, but if you know a celebrant you would like to use you are always able to ask. For more about my work as a funeral celebrant, please visit my dedicated funeral celebrancy site.

Organising a funeral

Traditional, alternative, contemporary. There are as many ways of organising a funeral or memorial service as there are people. I work with you to create a service that reflects the unique spirit of the person who has died.

Underpinning my work as a funeral celebrant is my belief that people’s life stories are a rich and powerful gift. It is my great privilege as a funeral celebrant to honour other people’s stories by helping to create meaningful, individual funeral ceremonies … funerals that celebrate life, love and diversity while making space for healthy grieving. My website focused only on my work as a funeral celebrant is over here

Many people want a traditional service that is personalised with tributes, readings and music. I can offer suggestions for readings or poems or help you to write your own. I have an extensive library as well as wide writing experience.

Perhaps you have been hearing about the shift towards alternative funerals, and I specialise in helping you to organise a funeral that is outside the maintstream. Of course ‘alternative’ means different things to different people. A funeral is a deeply personal experience, and you should feel free to organise a funeral that reflects the unique experiences of a person’s life. 

I can also create a memorial, that is a service which might be held sometime after the funeral or even instead of a funeral.