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by | Jan 13, 2019 | 150 words | 1 comment

In the last hour, I have had this sudden and unexpected release of tension from my body. Strangely, this has left me feeling two seemingly incompatible sensations. On the one hand I feel utterly deflated (physically, not emotionally). At the same time I feel the kind of stiffness a person feels two days after a huge work out when the micro-fibres are truly kicking in.

If I liked baths I would have one now. In fact, I am tempted to have one even though I know I don’t like them. When I get out, I always feel dry, thirsty, overheated and woozy. I never feel relaxed.
When I was young, I heard a friend of my mother’s say that she didn’t like having a bath because it was just, ‘wallowing in your own muck.’ I’ve never shaken that image and I’m sorry if I’ve now ruined baths for you.

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  1. Elephants Child

    Sigh. I do like baths. I liked retiring the bathroom with a book, something to drink and scented bubbles to bask in. I can no longer safely get into or out of a bath, so when we renovated the bathroom the bath went to be a horse’s drinking trough in the country.


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