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by | Jan 8, 2019 | 150 words | 1 comment

It was my first proper commute on my ebike today. I think real riders think that ebikes are not much better than cars, but I love it. I mean I’ve had a bike sitting in the garage for three years and I’ve ridden it to the shops once. And I’ve had my ebike three weeks and I’ve already done 100 kilometres (that doesn’t seem much but it’s been the holidays and we stayed with in-laws then had visitors and so on and all of the reasons you don’t get things done over Christmas.

I’m going to sell the other bike. It was a mistake I made when I first moved back from Abu Dhabi. I told the person in the shop I was going to be doing a triathlon so he recommended this bike as good entry level. Whatever made me believe I was going to do a triathlon?

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  1. Elephants Child

    My ignorant self had to ask Google about ebikes. Triathlon? Now there is a thought which has never crossed my mind.


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