150 words #12

by | Jan 9, 2019 | 150 words | 4 comments

It is not until I get to the end of the night, right before I’m about to go to bed that BAM! I remember. I’m blogging again.

And then I have this little to and fro of a conversation in my mind telling myself all the reasons that I don’t need to do it tonight. Those reasons are all variations on themes of ‘too tired’ and ‘nothing to say’.

But then I remember Seinfeld and his ‘don’t break the chain’ advice. Write a joke every single day. The more days you chain together, the less likely you are to break the chain.

So then I get into bed with my laptop and I start typing. I type quickly. When I finished school my mother made me borrow a book from the library and learn to touch type.

My fingers get me to 150 words long before my brain is there.


  1. Elephants Child

    I am glad that at least one aspect of your brain is demanding you blog. And that you are listening.
    The finger/brain disconnect? I am right there with you.

    • Tracy Crisp

      Did you learn to type at school? I think typing should be back on the curriculum

      • Elephants Child

        I taught myself while at uni. And am a ten finger typist, and reasonable. Mostly.

  2. carolbaby

    Oooh! I adore the Seinfeld don’t-break-the-chain thing and apply it to all manner of situations.

    The biggest challenge (for me at least) is to not immediately fall into despair and give up entirely if I break it. No middle ground here.

    (I’m still dazzled).


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