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by | Jan 5, 2019 | 150 words | 4 comments

I’m not sure what to tell you about today which, like all days, began with so much promise and which, like most, ended with there being no real change.

My boy did help me to clean up the kitchen and I tried to remember to thank him for taking out the rubbish and washing the dishes instead of admonishing him for leaving the dishcloth in an unwringed mess in the bottom of the sink.

And I ate a lot of nuts, mostly from the container of Christmas nuts left by a recent houseguest. They are a replica of the nuts we used to buy my grandfather for Christmas—not the grandfather I adored, the other one. He used to bring macadamias home from his winter trips to Queensland and cashews too. Perhaps it is just because they were such a treat, but the cashews used to be creamier I’m sure.


  1. Elephants Child

    Growing up cashews were a rare treat. And a delicacy. And I remember them as creamier too? Perhaps that very rarity added savour?
    And if the garbage has been removed and the washing up done, a big start has been made.

    • Tracy Crisp

      Yes, I don’t suppose I ever squeezed the dishcloth out when I was a young adult

  2. blackbird

    I happen to think that they’ve engineered the nuts to make them less vulnerable to some blight or insect, and, in doing so, ruined them.

    • Tracy Crisp

      That would make sense.


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