150 words #5

by | Jan 2, 2019 | 150 words | 4 comments

I spent yesterday doing little more than breathing and playing bananagrams. An excellent way to start the new year, and I hope to find a few more days like that before January is over.

There were wattlebirds singing yesterday afternoon. I don’t love the sound of the wattlebird. It’s a grating kind of call, not at all beautiful to my human ear. But I used to hear them a lot in the house where I lived when my children were younger, my father was still alive, and I was bone-weary tired.

Yesterday, when I heard the wattlebird call, it conjured a reminder of that time that ran so deep that I think for a second I actually was that person, living that life in that house again.

I do long for those times, but thank goodness I am no longer that tired. And thirsty. Why was I always thirsty?


  1. Elephants Child

    The wattlebirds are up a good half hour before the flatulent sparrows here. And you are so very right about their asthmatic cough. Not musical at all, and yet it somehow sings of home.

    • Tracy Crisp

      Such an odd sensation … I don’t like them but they’re my favourites

  2. blackbird

    You know, or maybe you don’t, that 150 words is (I think?) the way I began blogging in 2000. My brother and I challenged each other to write 150 words a day to each other for a month and then, when the month was done he challenged me to put them on the internet.
    I wonder now – as I had lost the time for it, if I should start again. I’d love to have it back, truly.
    You may have inspired me.

    • Tracy Crisp

      I didn’t know! I wish I had thought to do it with a friend, what a wonderful correspondence it would be. You have inspired me to find a friend to share that with. I miss blogging a lot, not just the writing but the reading and the sharing. Facebook took it, but never replaced its richness.


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