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by | Jan 7, 2019 | 150 words | 1 comment

I’m trying to finish this book which I was enjoying for some substantial while, but have long since stopped enjoying. I know everyone says that life’s too short to finish reading books you aren’t enjoying, but I want to finish this one in case it comes good in the end.

I did tip out a glass of wine earlier on this evening because I wasn’t enjoying it and life’s too short. That was different. The bottle of wine had been sitting opened, but unfinished, in my fridge for weeks. So it wasn’t just that I didn’t enjoy it. There was a very good chance that it was off.

The book and the wine. Both opened and unfinished. Not what I intended to write but that’s where my writing led me. I’m sure there’s some kind of metaphorical gymnastics waiting to be done in conclusion. But I’m too tired for that.

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  1. Elephants Child

    I still try and finish books I start. On the ‘its not them but me’ principle. And will occasionally put them away for a different mood. Unless the writing is bad. Hope you are better rested by the time you read this comment (says the woman whose insomnia made her give up and get up before four).


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