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by | Dec 4, 2018 | 150 words | 2 comments

This is the third year I’ve had this tree, the third year I’ve moved things out of that corner to fit it in. The first year it was me with two children. The tree was solid, but rootless still. What’s Christmas without metaphor?

The second year we were four again but the children had to be coerced. This year we were two adults and one child. The other child is away. But really we were three adults. The presence of children is more of a shadow than ever before and what has so long been known grows more uncertain.

I pull decorations out of the box and remember the years that glitter was scattered from one end of the hall to the other. Shards of lego on the floor.

I turn on the lights of the tree and change the setting to static, no flashing, no fading in or out.


  1. Elephants Child

    No flashing or fading sounds ideal. In life and in holiday decorations.

    • Tracy Crisp

      wa-hey! The comments work!


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