It was my blogiversary on Saturday. Two years of blogging.

I thought perhaps I would use the time to reflect on all that has happened over those two years, because they’ve been quite full-on years for me. But it was a crap post.

Then, after reading the thread at Pavlov’s Cat’s, I began to toil away at a bit of a ‘why I blog’ post, an earnest essay on the frustrations of reading irritating people whose basic argument seems to be ‘blogging has failed, because blogging hasn’t changed the world’. A comprehensive, annotated account of the very many things that blogging is and can be…

…but you don’t have time to read all that. And I wouldn’t be telling you anything you wouldn’t already know. And also, it’s December. I’ve got salads to make.

So, I’m going to tell you of one piece of blog-related news which has been very exciting for me. I took a post I wrote sometime ago, added it to another post, wrote some more around it, submitted it to a journal, they accepted it, and now, it is included in Best Australian Stories 2007. I can’t tell you how very excited I have been about that.