You been using google documents? Just curious, because I’ve finished writing a (very) short article written entirely on google documents and I’m wondering whether this is a turning point.

The reason I started using google documents is because this little netbook I bought came only with WordPad which is extremely limited (ie does not have wordcount, a vital tool for a writer who can barely write) and since I got the netbook I’ve realised how dreadfully slow my old laptop is and I can’t even bear to switch it on because I would have to listen to so much chugging and churning. I mean I always knew it was slow and crashed a lot, but now I realise it’s sloooooow and crashes a lot.

Obviously, google documents is limited, because you need internet access and I don’t always have internet access and I can see issues with versions and drafts as you save it back and forth from your computer. And also, what happens if it gets hacked and your fabulously original second novel gets stolen? Or the servers get wiped totally by accident and nobody’s fault but wiped nonetheless.

Still and all the same it was a successful experiment and I can see useful applications for editing documents too.

In other news, you should see how few emails I get these days. I sort of like it and sort of don’t.

Also, do you think I should be concerned about the disconcertingly large number of simple errors I make (such as leaving out apostrophes and putting extra letters in) or could it really be just because the mouse thingy on this netbook is extraordinarly sensitive?