Last night, I did this. And today, I wandered around Carlton, having a jolly fine time, but wishing that after I said to the mister last week maybe I should get in touch with some blog people when I’m in Melbourne that I had ignored his ill-informed comments about always hiding behind a computer screen and followed through. Next time, shall we have a cappuccino? My shout.

Now I am exhausted from a week of nerves and too little sleep, because for some reason, I always wake up early after such things. And of course, I stayed up too late watching rubbish on cable television and eating the punnet of strawberries I had bought from the market earlier that day, in anticipation of staying up too late watching rubbish on cable television and wishing I had something to eat.

Also, it’s school holidays here, so I haven’t been on the computer much what with one thing and another. There’s a beagle asleep in the lounge. As for names, let’s just say that my suggestion – Brett Ebert – only got the one vote.

Did you watch Rain Shadow? It was good, wasn’t it? I really did want to watch that thing about the women who went to the abbey, but I’m off to bed. To sleep. Hopefully that beagle won’t be scratching at the laundry door when we finally harden our hearts and banish it for the night.

Back soonish.

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you that I was greeted at the airport by youngest boy saying ‘and he’s done three pisses on the floor’. He’s done a rather large number since then. Is it toxic, dog wee?