Pleased to report that I am having a most excellent time. Over five performances, my (modest) audience expectations have been reached every night and exceeded three times.

More importantly, people are enjoying it. Over the last few nights, more than one person has said, ‘That was brilliant’, still with smiles on their faces. You can tell when people mean it.

In the meantime, we’ve been taking the boys to quite a few things. We went to Potted Pirates yesterday which seems to have been here last year as well. Excellent fun, and perfectly suited for our two boys who love a good dose of the sillies. The BFG has sold out, so I think today we’re off to The Greatest Bubble Show on Earth.

Would love to write more, but it’s a bit hard right now, not just tired, but lacking clarity of thought…there’ll be plenty of time when I’m back in Abu Dhabi.