Guess what? I was the runner up! Second funniest new comedian in the state as judged in a competition.

The mister reckons I was a bit unlucky, and should have won, and so does my dad. It was probably the best I’ve ever performed, but I don’t feel unlucky or ripped off. I feel myself surprisingly genuinely pleased for the bloke who won, and not at all jealous of him. This pleases me, because that – a tendency to jealousise – is the personality flaw which I am currently trying to soften. Anyway, I thought I was going to be third, which was always going to have to be a kind of ‘moral victory’, because they don’t tell you who came third.

I’m stoked. People really did think I was funny, and they all laughed and afterwards people were saying ‘congratulations, you were great, you really made me laugh’. How cool is that?

One day, I will write a compare and contrast post about being a raw bridesmaid and being an unpublished manuscript one (the link within that link doesn’t work, sorry, but it used to be a good one). But for now, I’ve got a bit of grandfather care to be done, and maybe one day I’ll be able to make jokes about that, but right now it’s a bit too hard.

Thanks for the good luck wishes all.