Reviewing isn’t one of my special skills, but I do like to do it. If nothing else, it sharpens your reading and helps you to see the flaws of your own work.

Added to this is my propensity for entering competitions (I never do win, but that seems not to stop me).

In the continuing spirit of entering every competition open to me (except Miss Universe, I’m not going in that this year – and no, no amount of pressure will convince me otherwise) I’m thinking of entering the ABR reviewing competiton this year.

Only thing is, the book you choose to review must have been published since January 2006. I haven’t read much recent stuff this last year or so. I’ve been reading a lot and a lot, but not so much recent stuff.

So, what’s something you think I could write intelligently about? Fiction or non-fiction.

PS I did think of entering this competition a few years ago so that I could write a review of All Things Bri**t and Beauti**l written about Adelaide by a former citizen of Adelaide. A more superficial and insulting book it has never been my misfortune to read. So there you go. That’s pretty much all I wanted to say about that book anyway.

PPS Please not The Gathering. I did read that, but I do not wish to review it.

PPSS Now that you know I’m going in it, you might want to consider entering – it’s quite good being in competitions with me, because you’ve got a good chance of winning.