I’ve tried my best to send personal invitations to people, but now the removalists are here, and I haven’t got my proper computer in Adelaide anyway, so I don’t have email addresses, and facebook keeps eating my messages…and anyway, what’s a blog for if not the occasional piece of shameless self-promotion?

Here is a cut and paste of the invitation, but I can’t work out how to get the cover off the pdf, but you can see it here. Also, there should be logos for the school, Wakefield Press and Fox Creek Wines all of whom are awesome. I was a bit shy about having a launch, but because of them it will be fabulous.

Do come. I’d love to see you.

Sturt Street Community School and Wakefield Press invite you to
the launching of a fabulous new novel Black Dust Dancing
When: 5:30 pm Monday 23 March 2009
Where: The Quadrangle,
Sturt Street Community School, 221–239 Sturt Street, Adelaide.
Tracy Crisp is an author, comedian and a past member of the school
committee; her two boys were also students at Sturt Street.

Ten dollars from the sale of each book on the day will be donated to the school.
Refreshments served and wines supplied courtesy of Fox Creek Wines.