So, today, I had a bit of an unexpectedly clear day so I spent it teaching myself to use scrivener so that when I have unexpectedly clear days I will be able to go straight to my novel and beaver away in a most productive fashion.

Really, I’m so good at this productivity stuff I should be a life coach.

Also, I got my assignments in like yesterday and the day before – and they aren’t even due until midnight tonight. So that’s where that mature age student was hiding. Anyhoo, the point is not to tell you something you already know, the point is to tell you (though some of you may know even this) that these days, you have to run your assignment through an anti-plagiarist contraption a sophisticated piece of software that generates an originality report based on a comparison of your document with a range of others that have already been squeezed through the contraption run through the sophisticated piece of software. This I duly did, only to be told (through means of flashing lights and exploding sounds coming from my computer a lime green indicator that there were issues with twenty percent of my document. This freaked me out (being, in order of appearance: an eldest child, a librarian, a mature aged student) until I looked at my document and saw that all of my citations and references had been coloured with varying degrees of alerting-type colours. I know it makes sense for these things to be highlighted by a piece of software designed to highlight similarities between documents, but it seems kind of weird to alert people to their mad referencing skillz in such an alarmingly accusatory manner.