So I just now came backstage of Adelaide from Adelaide and see my latest google search (like only moments ago) is ‘what to do in Adelaide when its raining’.

You’re kidding, aren’t you? Five minutes after your heatwave ends and you’re bored. Go outside and run around in it, you goose.

And, look, while we’re on the topic of heatwaves, I’m seeing all your facebook updates and your tweets and your blog posts about this scorching weather, and it really is taking all my effort to not say, ‘Cry my a river, dudes’. When it’s forty five degrees and ninety percent humidity every day for three months, then I’ll listen*.

(*that isn’t to say that I’m not thinking about the fire risk, and how it is these days living with these constant catastrophic warnings – and it has certainly changed the carefree tone of our summers forever)