Tomorrow is my blogiversary.

I was planning a big party, but then you know how it is with invitations. You don’t want to leave anyone out, and if you invite the cousins from your father’s side, do you have to invite the ones from your mother’s and what about the friends who used to hang around but haven’t been seen for a while? Plus, of course, it is December and I’m sure youse have better parties to be at.

Then I thought I’ll do a bit of a meta post about blogging. How it isn’t the new this or that or the other, it’s blogging. How it connects me to people I would never otherwise meet. How they’ve become my friends. How it has sharpened my writing up at the same that it’s slowed my writing down. Why I struggle to give focus to the blog, why it has deteriorated of late. But that would take ages to write and you know, it is December. I’m exhausted, and I’ve got other things to do.

So, I present – for your entertainment or otherwise – a round up of my favourite posts, all from my own blog(s) of course. The blogging equivalent of a slide night, I suppose. Indulgent? Narcissistic? Mais, oui. That’s why I blog.

Got your popcorn? Your wine glass full? Let’s go.

Well, here we are at the first post and seems not much has changed. And while we’re on weird South Australian politics, I still think this uranium, nuclear debate is more than a little worrying. Oh, no a little has changed, the airport is open now. My friend introduced me to the airport webcam game – her record is six planes I think. Mine is five. Feel free to join in.

This lusty post and this one have been worked into a short story. When I finished writing this one about the sister-in-law I cried – but I’ve got no idea why. The constitutional one still makes me laugh.

I would love to tell you more about the children I meet, and maybe I will, but it probably won’t be on a blog.

Here’s a mildly seasonal one about Christmas cards.

This is getting a bit boring now, isn’t it? I can tell that you’re fidgeting in your chairs. I promise I’ll finish soon. Go and have a laugh about the white sauce, although there are lots more people who come for the recipe for nuts and bolts.

Now, how on earth did I end up living this life?

Well, I think that’s about it. No, look, don’t wash up, just leave the dishes on the sink. I’ll wash up after I’ve finished the ironing.

Thanks for dropping by.