Today I am going to the place where you put in the forms to get a visa for the UK. I’m not entirely sure that I need the visa, as Australians generally don’t for such short stays (about four weeks). However, I am performing in the Edinburgh Fringe in my very own, very first solo show.

This may or may not mean that I need to apply for the visa before I get there. Some official types have told me no, others have told me yes. So, just to be on the safe side I’m putting the application in.

It’s been keeping me awake the last few nights, worrying that our passports won’t get back before the boys and I get on a plane to Spain to escape this wretched and rising heat. I just double-checked about the visas a few days ago you see, because I was going along with the official person who told me I’d be able to get my UK visa at the border.

Anyhoo, I’m tootling off with my forms and my boys and applying for the visas and getting our biometric scans. I have got a lot of forms and a lot of copies of forms and it’s going to cost me a lot of money. It’s the part about travelling that I do not like.

I’m very much hoping that the mister is finished with his trip to the dentist by 1, so that he can take us (suspected root canal, poor love, he’s had a very sad few days and mostly been asleep by 8.30 while I wander sleeplessly around the apartment without the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change). I have no idea where the Khaladiya Centre is, I’m sure the parking will be impossible, and it’s forty plus degrees again today. It would be much better to have the mister help me find my way.