It’s taking quite some adjusting this being back, not just at work, but full time work. The lads had spring vacation last week, the spring in spring vacation being only slightly more laughable than the fall in fall vacation when the days are still close enough to 40 degrees to let’s just say they are.

Anyhoo, I have always loved the lads’ school holidays. It’s a reminder of a being a full-time-at-home preschool mother only with less intensity, and they can make their own toast.

These holidays, I worked every day. The lads went to art camp in the mornings (which they loved, because their art teacher is absolutely wonderful) and made the most amazing rolling sculpture. Together. ‘And we didn’t even feel like arguing,’ they said. Then, in the afternoons, they went to various lovely friends’ houses and got taken to the pool and movies and so on.

But that’s my job, I couldn’t stop myself thinking. I am supposed to be that person who says, Of course, we’d love to have them, we’ll go to the pool, do you want to go to the pool?

I’m not saying I don’t still love my job. I’m just saying I missed the school holidays. I missed them a lot.