Eldest Boy has a bit of a lunchbox dilemma going on. He needs to upgrade, because the laptop lunchbox we’ve been using for the last few years just isn’t big enough anymore. He eats a lot that boy, although you wouldn’t know if you looked at his arms (I can still make my thumb and index finger touch when I wrap them around any point on his arm).

I spent yesterday with his class, so had an opportunity to observe the lunchboxes of others.

‘How about one like Oscar’s? I said of the small esky. ‘That would fit a lot in it.’

‘Yes, but it wouldn’t fit in my bag and then I’d have to carry it seperately.’

‘That’s true. How about one like Lucinda’s?’

‘Yes, but that’s only a bit bigger than this. After one day I’d get used to the extra amount then need a bigger one.’

‘That’s true.’

Silence, because it is only the morning, and my brain is not able to take the conversation any further.

‘Mum, this must be what it’s like to be President.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, it’s so hard.’