So, even though our television is circa 1988, we watch it the modern way. By waiting until things are way finished and then watching them back to back on DVD. We have been watching The West Wing. The result was a lot of late nights, because of that whole ‘just one more?’ thing. But I very much like watching things this way. It’s a lot more like reading a book than watching television.

Now we’re watching Love My Way. We haven’t finished The West Wing – we’ve still got series five and six to go – but no one feels like going to JB hi-fi right now to get series five. And since Love My Way was just sitting there waiting to be watched, we started on that.

I’ve got a small dilemma. The mister, who doesn’t know anything about such things unless I tell him, has no idea what is about to happen in Love My Way. And I’m not sure whether I should tell him. On the one hand, at least he’ll be prepared. He’s very bad at death and infedility. But on the other, he’s really gonna chuck the shits if I say ‘just one more’ and he stays up later than he wants to, and then…well, you know…

I guess it will resolve itself one way or another over the next couple of days.