A long time ago, I wrote this short piece about Mother’s Day. It’s not the world’s best piece of writing, but I still feel that way.

Like a great number of people, I don’t go much for the commercialism of Mother’s Day, but I like that my boys made me cards and put on a music performance for me this morning.

My youngest boy also gave me a box which he made at school. He had already eaten whatever¬† it was that was supposed to have been inside. It was a coffee cup made of lollies – with a biscuit for the saucer, a marshmallow, and what sounds like it might have been a freckle. I love freckles. Apparently, ‘the box is the best bit’ anyway. Plus ‘it’s still got shredded paper’ inside.

And now, I’m off to sit outside in the sun and drink my coffee and read a book for an hour or so.