So I told you I’ve been going to a few aerobics classes lately. So far, I’ve been limiting myself to pump and step which I vaguely understand because they were doing them back in the nineties, the last time I was engaged in any form of regular exercise (in truth, I’m not even sure that they’re called ‘aerobics’ these days).

I was intrigued by the other classes on the list – bodyjam, bodycombat and so on – but you know, I don’t really want to fight my body I just want it to be a bit more fit than it has been.

But then, Zoe tweeted the other day that she had been to bodycombat and I thought ‘hmmm’ and then I thought ‘even though I’ve never actually met her, she’s the type of person whose company I enjoy and she’s got a sensible head on her shoulders, maybe I could give it a try.’

So I did.

Be sure to ‘keyah!’ Zoe advised.

So I did.

And now I’m thinking, maybe I should write a few stunts into my show. So, dear brain, there’s something to ponder while I sleep: in what kind of combat would a vegetarian librarian be involved?