The mister is home from Libya now, and I, having spent my first ever week of running the house single-handedly while holding down a full time job, am feeling not even a twinge of guilt at showing him the weekend schedule and letting him work it out.

I, personally, have no social life, but the boys’ are increasingly active and there has been a lot of tetris-type planning as I work out how to be here by then and there after that, all the while continuing my adjustment to full time work, packing the lunches, keeping myself nice and squeezing in the daily hour of writing that I am determined to maintain no matter what. Oh, and there was the small matter of documents-wrangling, a seemingly interminable part of life in the emirates.

The lads did go to school in damp clothes yesterday morning because I didn’t get them (the clothes, not the lads) on the line until late the night before. But that sometimes happens even when the mister is around and, as I explained, once on your body, damp clothes get dry, but smelly clothes just get smellier. And anyway, a few days before that, I had made a flawless banana cake and we all sat together just before bedtime eating flawless oven-warm banana cake.

The week ended at 8pm last night with me and youngest boy finally home, cuddled on the couch having a movie night, something we’ve never, ever done before. When we came to set it up, I remembered that our television satellite thing doesn’t work, and our DVD player is region 2, and all of our DVDs, except Bolt, are region 4 (don’t ask – especially don’t ask why we’ve got a Bolt DVD). So it was slim-pickings movie night, but movie night nonetheless.

In the light of the morning, I see that I left a wine glass with dregs on the coffee table, he left crumbs on the couch, and we both left pillow dents.