Some things I have done instead of working on my short story:

1. put a beer in the freezer;
2. refereed a(nother fucking) pokemon dispute;
3. untwisted the cord connecting the computer to the internet (an aesthetic, not technical, issue);
4 listened to that interview Tony Abbott did on the 7.30 Report the other night;
5. felt father turning in his grave;
6. started worrying (again) about the state of the world and what if – I mean, really, what if the Libs win, because, quite apart from anything else, I will have to stay living here;
7. had sms conversation with friend;
8. got beer out of freezer, opened freezer-cold beer, downed freezer-cold beer;
9. worried some more about the Libs winning the next election
10. given eldest boy his piano lesson (on which situation I will tell you more tomorrow).