A meme from suse and janet (at muppinstuff)

What’s hot
– My booty (I know, sophisticated and hilarious)
– Abu Dhabi autumns – while the temperature has definitely dropped and the humidity levels are almost bearable, it’s still around 35 degrees most days
– Vacuuming – my goodness me you can get up a sweat vacuuming in 35 degrees
– Cooking – see vacuuming
– The walk to school – see cooking
– Iced tea left out of the fridge for more than five minutes – see Abu Dhabi autumns
– Swimming pools that have not been cooled – see iced tea left out of the fridge for more than five minutes
…and so on and etceteraggghhhh

What’s not
See above

PS I had 12 kilos on my bar during the chest track in yesterday’s pump class. I am proud of this.

PPS I’m sorry I can’t link to janet’s blog because for some reason I can’t see any typepad blogs – they aren’t blocked, because I don’t get the blocked screen telling me that the site is blocked (as I do, for example, with skype and flickr), and I can see them through google reader (which is good if you’ve got your feed reader set up to send full posts to the reader), but they don’t download.