From here, I can see the aeroplanes practice their stunts over the Corniche in preparation for this weekend’s big Air Race which would be awesome, were big Air Races my cup of tea.

This weekend, I am going to Al Ain.

Watching the planes practice their stunts it reminds me of the days, in year eleven economics, when, instead of reading Norm and Rosie, I would watch, through unwashed windows which opened in, the man (I thought his name was Chris Spirou, but google is letting me down) who flew his plane to practice his stunts at the Pt Pirie aerodrome, and I have no idea where he went to perform them. Or why. Though there was something at the aerodrome one day. With fairy floss and chocolate snips. And Chris Spirou if that really was his name.

I seem to recall his plane was red, but I guess that’s just because red fits so well with stunt. For all I know it was orange so that it blended into the setting sun. Or blue. But what would be the point of matching your plane to the sky. Red. I suspect it really was red.