I have been followed for five days now, by that moment

at the end of the conversation

which started

when the woman (who used to be a girl) said to me as I was paying for my book,

‘are you ThirdCat?’

and I said ‘yes’

and she was standing at my right, and the counter was to my left

so that I was caught between two conversations, both constructed of simple words but less obvious relations

and she said – at the same time as I – ‘we were at school together’

and her skin is not as soft as mine, but I am carrying more weight

and then she said ‘I saw you on television’

but because of the conversation to my left there was an immodest pause before I said ‘what are you doing these days’

when I could have said you let me borrow your Sweet Dreams books or I liked the way you signed your name and the colour of your hair.