Even if I had brushed up on my Spanish before we came – my, one can forget a lot in ten years but also, they speak much more slowly in Guatemala I can tell you – but even if I had, I would not have thought to learn to say, I need something for my little boy, he is constipated.

Still, we went to the Palacio Real today, and they liked the armoury very much indeed. Quite shocked at the armour for los ninos, though.

Yes, I said, and thatś why I say guns are not toys and they said, You already told us that Mum.

Some of the walls in that palace are lined in silk. Lads fail to see significance. Also Stradivarius violins. But they liked the lions guarding the stairs.

It rained yesterday. Thunder too. We got soaked. The hotel staff apologised, but I said, Oh, it makes me feel alive.

Happy, happy days.

PS Dear Australian dollar: you can stop falling now. Please.