So, my eldest boy’s off to a birthday party at Hungry Jack’s.

‘I hardly ever get to do that,’ he said. I wish I could describe his demeanour to you. He has done one of those moves to a new maturity. Breaks your heart for a tiny moment, doesn’t it?

‘Really,’ I said. It was just a word to fill in the space.

‘Yeah. Remember? After soccer, we only got to go two times.’


‘You know, Mum, I just want to be with my friends. I mean, I don’t have to eat it.’

*fast forward fifteen years: geez, you were uptight mum, i mean it’s not as if once a year would’ve killed us*


Bet my boy wishes he could have Kerry Armstrong for his mother. Did you see her in this weekend’s Good Weekend? It’s worth looking for. Helpfully, she debunks a few Coca Cola myths – you can read about them here. Make up your own mind and all. But the best bit is her opening letter to us ill-informed persons who continue to quench our children’s thirst with water.

Kerry Armstrong on Motherhood & Myth-Busting.

As a mother I am often bombarded with conflicting messages about food and drinks – one day something is good for you and the next day it’s bad and that can be confusing

Yes, I know that’s good, but I can’t choose which of the following is my favourite sentence:

When I was asked to speak out in favour of one of the world’s largest brands, ‘Coca-Cola’, it became clear that it was surrounded y all kinds of myths and conjecture.

I mean that’s good. But is it better than:

Now that I’ve found out what’s myth and what’ isn’t. It’s good to know that our family can continue to enjoy one of our favourite drinks. My boys now call me Mum, the Myth Buster.

Still. Who am I to judge? My boys call me Tracy.